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MGI iFOIL T Unit for Sale in Wisconsin

MGI iFOIL T Unit Price

MGI iFoil list price: There is no Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price for this product. It requires custom configuration and custom installation

Our price: Best in North America- You MUST engage Central Office Systems initially. We will NOT provide pricing/configurations on this product to you if you are working with a different Konica Minolta provider. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Our discounted pricing on the iFOIL T Unit is so 'disruptive' we're no longer allowed to publish it online. For pricing please contact us by phone or email.

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Please note: pricing reflects default settings which may not match your equipment setup. We offer free printing evaluations and work with you to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Unlimited Colors Inline Digital Hot Foiling System

The MGI iFOIL T foiling unit is an inline 100% digital foiling unit which can be integrated with a digital press using a single control unit.

It can be fitted to new digital dry toner presses or retrofitted.

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MGI iFOIL is compatible with:

MGI JETVarnish 3DS
MGI Meteor DP series of dry toner digital presses including MGI DP8700XL and MGI DP8700SE

The MGI iFOIL T unit was adapted based on the iFOIL system from JETvarnish 3D clear UV spot varnish inkjets.

It combines technological innovation, creativity and profit-generating productivity in one efficient package.

Hot Foil Versatility

Unlimited Colors truly means unlimited. Hot foil embossing no longer limited to metallic and holographic materials.

The MGI iFOIL produces an incredible range of spot colors and effects including:

  • Metallic gold, silver, bronze & copper
  • Reflective patterns
  • Sparkling glitter
  • Holographic imagery

Multiple colored foils can be applied in a single pass (up to 3). A second pass can overprint onto the foil for dazzling digital holographic effects.

The MGI iFOIL can also apply flat, 2D or 3D textures and/or hot foil to printed materials from offset or digital presses.

Products can also be personalized with embossed hot foil using variable data finishing.

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Unique & Exclusive Finishing

The MGI ifOIL needs no films, dies or makeready. Now you can benefit from this highly profitable, easy to use hot foil stamping and embossing system.

  • Print foil on foil
  • Foil and emboss on plastic (including Polypropylene)
  • Emboss and deboss
  • Apply VDP (variable data printing) to hot foil stamping and spot UV coating (both text and image)

High-speed in-house hot foil stamping with minimal set-up is a game changer. Impress your print customers with MGI iFOIL exclusive finishes created from standard market foils!

A user-friendly software suite is included. Operators will quickly understand and be able to modify layouts in all sizes.

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MGI iFOIL Product Applications

This digital hot foiling unit is extremely versatile, requires almost no set-up and uses a 100% digital process perfect for:

  • 3D Magazine Covers
  • Packaging
  • Book Covers
  • Invitations
  • Brochures

The MGI iFOIL T unit with a JETvarnish or Meteor digital press will open up your commercial printing business to new markets for a fast ROI.

iFOIL Substrate Compatibility

The iFOIL applies foil finishing to most matte or glossy laminated surfaces, with or without aqueous coating.

Print on layered paper, plastic, PVC and a wide range of coated materials.

iFoil T Unit Specifications

Media thickness without overprinting: 80 to 350 gsm
Media thickness with overprinting: 150 to 350 gsm
Speed: Up to 50 A4 sheets per minute
Foil roll sizes: Up to 100 to 320mm wide and 400m long
Dimensions (approx.): 8 feet long x 5.2 feet wide x 4.9 feet tall
Weight: 1,873 pounds
Minimum format: 8” x 11.8” (21 x 30 cm)
Maximum format: 20” x 42” (52 x 105 cm)

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