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IQ-501 Color Control Unit

Konica Minolta IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer

fully Automated closed-loop quality control for the AccurioPress C2070, C6085 & C6100

Konica Minolta’s IQ-501 integrated color care unit is a revolutionary new accessory providing inline real-time registration and color calibration. 

IQ-501 is an optional module compatible with these digital presses:

It ensures color consistency and perfect registration during production runs. Print shops benefit from automated operations, less waste and easier, more reliable job outcomes.

How much does the IQ-201 Cost?

Our "disruptive pricing" on the IQ-501 is so low, we're not able to publish it online anymore. We offer a list of all the Konica Minolta printer prices we're allowed to share.  Please contact a sales associate for a free print needs evaluation and price quote, and we'll work with you to eliminate all unnecessary expenses.

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IQ-501 Functions

The IQ-501 is installed after the print engine and comes equipped with an in-line spectrophotometer. It automates the processes for:

  • Color calibration
  • Image defect detection
  • Density balance
  • Engine gradation
  • Front-to-back registration
  • Cloud-based data collection

Precise, continuous auto-register adjustments give continuous feedback to the print engine to automatically adjust the color. You get consistently high quality professional output and greater efficiency.

Intelligent Quality Optimizer IQ-501 Reduces Labor & Material Waste

Benefits of artificial intelligence in a commercial print shop or in-plant print department:

  • Eliminates the need for a 3rd-party color calibration device
  • Reduces money spent on operator training
  • Freed from periodic adjustments, operators and technicians can invest time in value-added tasks
  • Less money lost to wasted output or returned jobs
  • Less downtime
  • Fewer service calls

Automating print shop operations with AI technology is a time and money-saving innovation creating greater value and opportunity for print shops of all sizes.

IQ-501 Specs

The IQ-501 is compatible with all controller offerings.

Type: Auto Scan Adjustment Unit
Function: 1-pass dual scan inline scanner + Spectrophotometer

Paper size: Widthwise 95 mm to 331 mm (3.74” to 13/03”), Lengthwise 139 mm to 488 mm (5.47” to 19.21”)

Paper weight: 40 gsm to 400 gsm/11 lb Bond to 106 lb Bond
Dimensions: 663 mm W x 696 mm D x 1020 mm H (26.1”W x 27.4”D x 40.16”H)
Weight: Approx. 184 kg/405.65 lb.

Achieve industry standards (such as G7 and Gracol) for color with push-button ease.

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