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MGI Jetvarnish 3DS for sale in Wisconsin

Konica Minolta MGI Jetvarnish 3DS Price & Brochure

List Price: There is no Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price for this product. It requires custom configuration and custom installation

Our Price: Best in North America- You MUST engage Central Office Systems initially. We will NOT provide pricing/configurations on this product to you if you are working with a different Konica Minolta provider. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Where did the pricing details go?

Our discounted pricing on the Jetvarnish 3DS is so 'disruptive' we're not allowed to publish it online anymore. For pricing details please contact us by phone or email.

We offer a list of all the Konica Minolta printers prices we’re currently allowed to share on our website.

Please note: pricing reflects default settings which may not match your equipment setup. We offer free printing evaluations and work with you to eliminate unnecessary expenses. 

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Digital Spot UV Coating Device for Sale in Wisconsin

The MGI JETvarnish 3DS gives commercial printers the power to deliver more creativity and value with every job.

View or Download JETvarnish 3DS Specs

JETvarnish 3DS Brochure      JETvarnish 3DS Data Sheet

Exclusive Inkjet Technology

Exclusive inkjet technology from MGI means high speed UV spot finishing with a unique varnish formula.

Spot varnish up to 2298 A3 pages per hour

Coating thickness can be precisely adjusted for flexible, on demand digital prints customized for every job.

Vivid, Tactile, Irresistible

Video of JETvarnish 3DS in Action

Konica Minolta Print Heads

Konica Minolta’s piezoelectric inkjet print heads perform single-pass printing and create lines from .5mm to the entire width of your sheet.

Spot varnish any digital print by highlighting areas or adding standout 3D effects.

Konica Minolta MGI JETvarnish 3DS Features

MGI JETvarnish 3DS helps commercial printers boost profit margins with versatile, eye-catching prints.

  • Variable data option with barcode reader
  • Supports wide range of paper weights up to 450 gsm
  • Prints on laminated surfaces, layered paper, plastic, PVC and more
  • Single pass printing for high productivity
  • No cleaning between jobs
  • Economical paper, varnish and energy use

With the JETvarnish 3DS you can print digital or offset, perform short or long runs and choose coating thickness from 15 to 100 microns for tactile effects.

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JETvarnish 3DS Software Suite

JETvarnish 3DS HubManager software lets you:

  • Create job tickets
  • Manage job queue
  • Follow each job
  • Recall reprints
  • Adjust ARC camera system
  • Export detailed production data

JETvarnish 3DS Spot Varnish Editor allows for job editing on the fly. This flexibility to adjust and modify print jobs saves significant time and money.

JETvarnish 3DS Product Cost Analyzer accurately predicts production and consumable costs per print job before beginning.

MGI JETvarnish 3DS ARC Technology

Automated Registration Camera (ARC) technology calibrates UV spot coating registration from page to page as it’s printing.

One camera reads printed marks and automatically corrects X and/or Y offset on every page.

Another camera detects paper skew and automatically adjusts to correct.

Every job (even ones with inconsistent print registration) benefits from accurate spot UV coating thanks to the ARC system.

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MGI JETvarnish 3DS & iFOIL S

YES – Central Office Systems also sells the iFOIL option for MGI digital presses. Learn how the iFOIL works in line with the JETvarnish 3DS digital spot UV coater.

Turning Red Ink & Paper Thin Margins into Profit for YOU

With main offices in Waukesha and Appleton, we provide top of the line printers and digital ink presses, huge savings and printer support to Wisconsin businesses from Milwaukee, Racine & Kenosha to Green Bay, Oshkosh and the surrounding areas.

Ready to raise your game? Enter the prestige printing market with confidence with the industry-leading MGI 3DS JETvarnish.

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