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When your printer glass is really broken

Printer Power Supply Repair

Printer Power Supply Repair and Replacement in Wisconsin

Central Office Systems Puts an End to Printer Power Supply Problems

If your printer is having power supply issues, the problem may be with the power cord or the adapter. You can use a multimeter to check if the correct voltage is being delivered, or troubleshoot by replacing one part or the other and testing the printer.

Experienced technicians from Central Office Systems respond quickly to all service calls and will fix the power supply board or find a replacement printer for your broken HP, Dell, Canon or any other printer brand. 

Should You Fix or Replace Your Printer?

Many times paying to repair a printer—even a 2-year-old printer—winds up costing more than you’d pay to replace it. Newer printer models are more convenient and efficient, especially with Central Office Systems’ low prices and money-saving managed print services.

Maintenance in our managed print services includes repair and testing of the power supply and you can rely on our impressive first clear call rate to get your printer up and running again quickly, no matter the issue.

Time-Saving Print Management, Power Supply Included

Central Office Systems supplies your business with the power to control printing practices and costs. With managed print services you’ll enjoy greater efficiency and productivity, as well as the convenience of one fixed monthly rate covering all your printing expenses--replacement parts included!

We've got the power

Central Office Systems has a level of experience, buying power and dedication to client satisfaction our competitors can't touch. Whether you need a one-time onsite repair service or ongoing support for your entire network, we can help.

Our job is helping your Wisconsin business thrive, starting with your printer. Stop wasting time and money tending to your office equipment and put it to work for you!

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