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When your printer glass is really broken

Printer Jam Repairs

Fix Printer Jams Fast & Fix Printer Problems Forever with Expert Help

Providing Wisconsin with Money-Saving Printer Replacment and Support

Is your printer always getting paper jams? What is a carriage jam and why does it say paper jam when there is no paper in it? Troubleshooting paper jams in your printer drains valuable time and energy from your work day. Calling a repair service gets your printer fixed, but it’s also hard on your budget.

Experienced printer technicians from Central Office Systems can perform all the printer repair services you need and provide your consumables and parts for a fixed monthly cost which is probably lower than what your office is paying in printing costs now.

Paper jams and other common printer problems occur less frequently with regular maintenance. Managed print services are guaranteed to save your business money and will improve printer reliability and efficiency. You’ll enjoy an ultra-low cost per page and effortless repair and supply service. 

Should You Fix or Replace Your Printer?

Many times paying to repair a printer—even a 2-year-old printer—winds up costing more than you’d pay to replace it. Newer printer models are more convenient and efficient, especially with Central Office Systems’ low prices and money-saving managed print services.

Printer Repair & Maintenance for Companies from Downtown Milwaukee to Green Bay

Central Office Systems supports the success of Wisconsin businesses by taking care of their printing needs. We supply everything but the paper and you can try managed print services risk-free for a month with no commitment  or obligation.

With main offices in Waukesha and Appleton, we support companies in Kenosha, Menomenee Falls, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan and everywhere in between!

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