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When your printer glass is really broken

Inkjet Printer Repair Service

Inkjet Printer Repair & Replacment Service Saves Time and Money

Providing Printer Pain Relief for Wisconsin Businesses

Central Office Systems offers expert inkjet printer repair and replacement for all major printer brands, including:

Lexmark, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon, Konica Minolta, Dell, Muratec, Brother, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Xerox and more!

Our experienced printer service technicians respond quickly and are committed to your satisfaction.

More importantly, our print management services can help your business break free from the expensive print-break-repair cycle.

What Most Inkjet Repair Services Won’t Tell You

Most printer problems are caused by lack of proper maintenance. It’s like driving your car without ever changing the oil. It’s going to break down. Inkjet printers are complex machines and regular cleaning and maintenance by a qualified technician prevents most printer problems.

Discover what successful Wisconsin businesses—maybe even your competitors—have already learned: managed print services save serious money.

Should You Fix or Replace Your Printer?

Many times paying to repair a printer—even a 2-year-old printer—winds up costing more than you’d pay to replace it. Newer printer models are more convenient and efficient, especially with Central Office Systems’ low prices and money-saving managed print services.

One Invoice, Multiple Benefits

Managed print service plans include:

• All the supplies and services your printer needs, except for paper
• Fast, guaranteed repairs for any printer problem
• Setup, installation and training for your staff
• Customized software solutions to monitor and control printing costs
• One simple, predictable monthly fee with no surprises

Try our managed print services risk free for a month. No hassle, no commitment. The only thing you have to lose are out-of-control printing costs!

Contact a client service specialist for a fast, free quote on a one-time repair, or a no-risk trial of managed print services
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