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When your printer glass is really broken

Printer Head Cleaning and Replacement

Printer Head Cleaning, Alignment & Replacement in Wisconsin

How to Clean Your HP or Canon Printer Head for the Last Time

Clogged printer heads are a common issue most often caused by an idle printer or old cartridge. Cleaning the blocked printhead and checking the nozzles is a multi-step process involving cleaning tools, warm water, rubbing alcohol, self-clean programs and potentially productive hours from your work day you’ll never recover.

Put down cotton swabs and pick up the phone: one call to Central Office Systems saves you countless future hours dealing with printer problems AND guarantees you'll spend less money on printing expenses!

Should You Fix or Replace Your Printer?

Many times paying to repair a printer—even a 2-year-old printer—winds up costing more than you’d pay to replace it. Newer printer models are more convenient and efficient, especially with Central Office Systems’ low prices and money-saving managed print services.

Save Money and Avoid Common Printer Head Problems

Managed print services cover regular cleaning and maintenance of your printer, plus all the supplies and repair service you need, for one fixed monthly rate. 

Central Office Systems brings stability and transparency to your printing budget and reduces printer downtime as well as cost per page. Experienced technicians fix or replace printer heads and other parts, providing peace of mind and efficiency.

Helping Wisconsin Businesses from Milwaukee to Green Bay

Central Office Systems has decades of experience saving businesses time and money throughout Wisconsin. Our low monthly rate for managed print services has no hidden fees and never a built-in rate hike, unlike many of our competitors.

With main offices in Waukesha and Appleton, we support companies from Kenosha, Racine, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac and everywhere in between!

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