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When your printer glass is really broken

Printer Cartridges in Wisconsin

Printer Cartridges from Wisconsin’s Top Printer Repair Company

Toner Cartridge Refill Service for HP

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best, cheapest toner cartridge, or trying to get more out of the one you have. But the clock keeps running while you’re searching for the best or cheapest ways to recycle, refill, or clean clogged printer cartridges.

Unless your job title is ‘printer technician,’ don’t spend your valuable work hours chasing deals on consumables and trying to troubleshoot error messages.

When you choose managed print services from Central Office Systems, our professional print technicians take care of ALL your printer supplies and maintenance, including free replenishment of toner cartridges.

Should You Fix or Replace Your Printer?

Many times paying to repair a printer—even a 2-year-old printer—winds up costing more than you’d pay to replace it. Newer printer models are more convenient and efficient, especially with Central Office Systems’ low prices and money-saving managed print services.

The Ultimate Toner Cartridge Hack

Managed print services include:

  • Cartridges & replacement parts
  • Knowing which printer cartridge you need and how to get the most prints out of it
  • Ensuring you always have the right cartridges and other consumables when you need them
  • Installing, repairing and replacing toner cartridges
  • Solving common printer problems when it’s jammed, faded, or just not printing

One vendor, with one fixed monthly invoice, covers everything but paper. There are no hidden costs, no built-in rate hikes and you can try it without commitment. Reduce waste, save money and never go cartridge hunting again.

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