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Printer Leases with Nothing to Hide

Printer Leases are not all the same: what to look out for

Superior Equipment. No Hidden Costs.

Our Lease

Milwaukee office equipment leaseOur printer leases are clearly written in plain English and include everything you need for reliable day-to-day printing, including:

  • Your MFP, laser printer, copier or digital printing press
  • Toner cartridges, replacement parts and all consumables (except paper)
  • Regular maintenance, software updates & on-call repair services
  • Printer support from Wisconsin's largest and fastest-growing authorized Konica Minolta dealer

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Complicated Clauses & Creeping Costs

Their leases

Wisconsin printer lease agreements

Other copier leasing companies include annual rate hikes and roll your service and print copies into your lease - a scam to continually skim THEIR profits from YOUR bottom line.

The not-so-fine print:

Printer lease copies

Are you paying more for your printer than you remember agreeing to?

Central Office Systems office equipment leases have nothing hidden, nothing shady and no surprises. Your last month’s lease payment will be the same amount you agreed to on the first day—guaranteed. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your REAL print needs and learn how much your business can save.

More warning signs your printer leasing company is taking advantage of you:

office equipment lease rates
printer maintenance agreement
Printer rental agreement fees
office equipment lease excerpt
Wisconsin office equipment for lease
Milwaukee printer lease example
Green Bay copier rental agreement
Appleton office equipment rental

Printer leases aren't the only thing to look out for - most of our competitors hide sneaky rate hikes, hidden fees and minimum printing requirements in their printer service contracts too. In comparison, our managed print services are guaranteed to reduce your printing costs immediately and forever after. Get a no-obligation print assessment and a risk-free trial offer to see the savings for yourself.

Contact us online today for a free office assessment and a money-saving printer lease.

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