We have created the definitive list of what almost everyone hates about their outsourced IT support:

  1. You call, but no one answers. Very frustrating. And the voicemail saying "your call is very important to us" makes this even more infuriating. Answer your damn phone!
  2. You call, but the call is answered by a total jerk, who acts like he is doing you a favor. At least someone answered, even if he is a total d*^#
  3. You call. The call is answered. The people are nice. The problem does not get resolved. At this point, you would like to talk to the jerk (described in the second thing people hate) I suppose.

Is this you? If it is, Central Office Systems has some good news to tell you.

We avoid all three of these scenarios.

We may not be perfect, but someone nice will always answer the phone, 24/7. And we don't fix every problem on the first call, but we do fix 88%+, based on our current statistics.

Maybe it is time to give us a call.