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Konica Minolta Multi-Function Printers for purchase

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Konica Minolta bizhub price list

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Konica Minolta bizhub laser multifunction printers are economical and user-friendly, perfect for businesses of all sizes. Get the lowest possible price on Konica Minolta bizhub printers/copiers/scanners at Central Office Systems.

We also have the lowest prices on Konica Minolta AccurioPress and AccurioJet advanced production printers. Jump to Konica Minolta digital printer prices or contact sales today to reduce your printing costs.

Konica Minolta bizhub printer for sale

The bizhub C754 is a high speed, high-volume color multifunction printer.

Black and White bizhub Printers

bizhub Model Number Price Type BW PPM Monthly Duty Cycle
bizhub 224(e) $1995 Refurbished Black White MFP 22 100,000 Pages
bizhub 284(e) $2295 Refurbished Black White MFP 28 120,000 Pages
bizhub 364(e) $2595 Refurbished Black White MFP 36 150,000 Pages
bizhub 454(e) $2995 Refurbished Black White MFP 45 175,000 Pages
bizhub 554(e) $3895 Refurbished Black White MFP 55 200,000 Pages
bizhub 654(e) $4495 Refurbished Black White MFP 65 300,000 Pages
bizhub 754(e) $4995 Refurbished Black White MFP 75 300,000 Pages

Color bizhub Printers

bizhub Model Number Price Type Color PPM Monthly Duty Cycle
bizhub C224(e) $1995 Refurbished Color MFP 22 80,000 Pages
bizhub C284(e) $2495 Refurbished Color MFP 28 100,000 Pages
bizhub C364(e) $2995 Refurbished Color MFP 36 125,000 Pages
bizhub C454(e) $3595 Refurbished Color MFP 45 150,000 Pages
bizhub C554(e) $3995 Refurbished Color MFP 55 200,000 Pages
bizhub C654(e) $4395 Refurbished Color MFP 60 250,000 Pages
bizhub C754(e) $4895 Refurbished Color MFP 60 278,000 Pages

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